Pista Pursuita

I spent last night changing the steering on my pista, I had been riding some nice light old 3ttt handlebars with a traditional bend, and a little trigger finger front brake (its a fixed commuter so iv actually only ever run a front brake), but fancied a change as i seem to be spending more and more time commuting about the place these days. A chance sale on components over at chain reaction sealed the idea, and I fancied giving a fun little pursuit style a blast.

The clear jelly Cinelli tape is lush, nice and spongy. Would look cool with a type of decolage done underneath on the handlebars, a la James Straffon shoe style.

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

 Flouro Overshoes – A nice flash of hi-vis and hi-style
 Turbo all set up for the pain to begin at the end of Jan (easy miles/smiles for now)
 Castelli Pioggia booties & Condor Acciaio, perfect wet weather ride beaters 
 Mild temps means iv cracked this out twice in the past 2 months. On my toes as well!
 Fisher Space Pen – gnarliest writing pen ever!
New year reading material courtesy of Brian! Celeste is the colour…..

More Dunedin Riding

Iv been braving the chilly mornings and heading out everyday to what can only be described as an amazing head-clearing session, smattered with scenery that takes my breath away constantly. The traffic volume is low, with secluded climbs leading away from a coastline boasting crystal clear waters. Below are a few ride snapshots, il pen something up later this week.

 Signal Hill Road
Otaga Peninsula
 I live at the top of this. Not ideal for post-session spin
 Climbing up Mount Cargill


The first sings of springtime reveal themselves as days in the saddle become longer, the efforts easier and spirits are lifted out of the dark bitter mornings that encapsulated our winters training. As much as I loved my fingertips becoming numb and my kneecaps seizing up, the warm sun was a welcome change to the riding of late. After a long day in the saddle on Saturday id even go as far as to believe I can just make out the feint outline of the beginnings of the hallowed ‘Grand Tour Gloves Tan’. Roll on springtime, I want nothing more than to line up for the HOTN 2 ride with the sun beating down and short sleeves. Here’s hoping….

Surrey Lanes
Bianchista takes a pitstop
Jamie changes a tube
…the spoils

Autumnal Miles

I had the pleasure of heading out for a nice long ride into Surrey this past Wednesday. The temperatures plummeted, and it was truly oversocks and glove weather. I also had the pleasure of putting the new Rapha Ladies Softshell through its paces, watch out for a full in-depth review in the next week or so. I enjoyed the spoils of a Bakewell slice atop of Box Hill as my reward. Happy to finally chalk up some autumn cup points as it were…

Surrey Dawn Raid

This morning myself and my two skids buds Dr Jones & RowRow hit the hills in Surrey for a ride. Riding over to Kingston to meet was pretty amazing due to the weather, Richmond Park was covered in a mystical-looking low fog around 7am, I could barely see a thing.
We decided upon a nice 130km route, foregoing the norm of heading out to cobham-whitedown-box hill. It was great to actually hit some new lanes, thoroughly enjoyed I have to say.
I think iv got this whole training thing backwards and actually peaked for the off-season… I found my legs with a boom today and hit them both with some cunning attacks early on the hills, taking a few scalps! Upon reaching Box Hill (New p.b attained…. whoop!) Dr J decided to be a madman and hit the lanes for an extra long solo loop, obviously taking his Exmoor beast training super serious! Jim impressed blowing us away for dust on the last few lumps, although it has to be said Row was never in contention with a hangover and a breakfast of leftover Subway (Must try harder).
My leg felt as good as its felt for the past 6 months, I still had a residual pain in my calf that niggles away, but the foot sensation seemed to have improved vastly, due to refining my cleat float and working on my posture I suspect. It was a great ride as my confidence is high and Im more determined than ever to avoid heading under the surgeon’s knife to fix my back discs, Im going to try and be more committed to physio and alternative solutions – such a perfect ride has me thinking that I don’t think I could bear to be off my bike for any period of time at the moment. I heart my bike.