Vuelta a Espana

So! Bertie seems back to his incroyable former self… although todays climb of Fuente De suited him down to a T, with smaller steady average gradients, not the ball busting 20%+ summit finishes of stages past. He stamped his authority over the pack and asserted his climbing prowess, collecting not only the stage win but also claiming 2:38 seconds on little Purito, catapulting him into the ‘camiseta roja’. Purito drops down to third place underneath Valverde. Its kind of game over with a mere two flattish stages remaining, so it looks like Contador is back with fire in his tail. Riis did state at the beginning that AC simply had to win, I can see this as paying some form of thanks to Saxo-Tinkoff for indeed standing by their man during his ‘pequeñas vacaciones’ of recent months (WHICH i still think is bullsh*t but il explain that when you next see me on the road). Seems whatever Bjarne said on the rest day helped Bertie….

The Descenders

Is there anything more exhilarating in cycling than the descent? The noise of the freewheel, the air rushing past your skin, and the feeling of pushing the limits to how long you dare not touch the brake lever. Some cyclists descend with so much speed and skill, their body guiding the bike around every corner, that I instantly want to saddle up and hit the longest quietest hill I can find to tear down. Enjoy…