Yuji Yamada

I just stumbled across the most excellent work of painter/illustrator Yuji Yamada, check out his gallery here, the guy has some serious skills! I particularly love his style with bold colours, and the faceless figures. I happen to think one would look just fab on the walls of bianchista hq….

Swains Lane ‘o Pain

I love Swains Lane. I mean really… I don’t… but it makes for some great lungbusting hill repeats before settling into a shift at Getty (its only a couple of miles away). Id thoroughly recommend it for any town dwelling cyclists to head up on their lunch break and pop out a couple of climbs. Head right up and the you can descend down Highgate Hill and repeat the fun ad nauseam. Highgate village offers you an extensive selection of café’s for a post-hillclimb machiato.

Nobeyama Cyclocross Live!

The first ever edition of the top cyclocross event in Japan in the highest village in the country, Nobeyama, is on the 31st October. Together with the local tourist organization, Rapha will be playing host to a super challenging muddy course, where top Japanese ‘crossers including Keiichi Tsujiura will take on international talent Molly Cameron. The race is going to be broadcast live here make sure to tune in and catch all the action, its a well documented fact that the Japanese have a tendency to make things super-cool!

James Straffon – ‘Art of Cycling’

Founder of the excellent online space ‘No Endevour’, James Straffon will hold his first solo exhibition, aptly entitled ‘Art of Cycling’ from the first day of November at the Frameless Gallery in Clerkenwell, London. James lists design clients as prestigious as The Royal Opera House, Tate Modern, EMI, and The Royal Academy of Arts, but it is his recent collaborative endevours into cycling -themed art with Paul Smith and Condor Cycles that have really captured the two-wheeled audience. Frameless details his exhibtion as >
Focussing on the visually-rich narrative of cycling heritage, Straffon explores this theme via paint and collage on canvas, often incorporating carefully selected items of rare and unusual cycling ephemera; employing a ‘pop art approach to capturing the multi-faceted legacy of the bike’. 

The exhibition will run from 1-7th November.

James Straffon – The Art of Cycling
1 – 7 November 2010
Frameless gallery
20 Clerkenwell Green, Islington, London, EC1R 0DP

투르 드 프랑스!

A very good friend bought me a crazy Tour de France review magazine back from his F1 travels to the far east. Its got some cracking bike pics in, but most hilariously there is a manga-style cut out game, snakes and ladders style, featuring some very funny cartoons….

Cover shot 
Andy v Alberto
Cadel loses the yellow jersey
Cadel & Lance have a cry

Meraklon Special Edition

Most of you guys are aware of how awesome the prendas oversocks are… a perfect piece of kit for those mid season rides and chilly mornings. Added to the range are two special edition british and world champ socks. Check out an ode to the oversock over at RoadCyclingUK. Available now for £9.95 over at Prendas