Back To Earth

Apologies all for the lack of updates on this wee blog over the last few weeks. Life has indeed traversed its way through a fantastically busy period, crowned in no minor  fashion by a week of pure indulgent riding on the most incredible beautiful and brutal terrain in Italy. I took a over a week truly offline in every sense, enjoying the sensations of pushing myself and doing little other than riding my bike in the beautiful sunshine with some amazing company. Anyway! I am indeed sadly back from the bubble of breathtaking beauty and standing with a firm foothold back in blighty. Check back throughout this coming week to see some reviews trickling their way onto blog from Capo, Rapha and Condor to name but a few, and perhaps even a sneaky pic from the land of Italia. Vai Vai Vai! 

The Descenders

Is there anything more exhilarating in cycling than the descent? The noise of the freewheel, the air rushing past your skin, and the feeling of pushing the limits to how long you dare not touch the brake lever. Some cyclists descend with so much speed and skill, their body guiding the bike around every corner, that I instantly want to saddle up and hit the longest quietest hill I can find to tear down. Enjoy…