Giro KOM


Specialized Superwide Tape

Spotted here
·         New 10mm wider version of the Roubaix Tape (30mm–40mm) improves finish of the tape and smooths out the grip area.

·         Easier to wrap and no need for the small strip that covers the brake/shifter, so lighter.
·         No more drifting of the tape in the bends due to stretching of the tape or high temperatures.
·         Available in the shops from June/July 2011.

Ode to the Canyon Ride

Canyon hills all golden glow, 
Coyotes laughing, dears dashing, 
Pedals turning, my heart yearning, 
Where shall I go? 
Steep broken road, I am slow, 
My pulse is beating, soul freeing, 
Troubles fading, fears are leaving,
So now I know. 
At the crest, I catch my breath. 
Stalling slightly, leaning lightly, 
Then departing, fast descending, 
This hill has depth! 
Wheels beneath me never give. 
Motion thrills me, wind instills me, 
Road so curving, ride so soothing, 
Out here I live.
James climbs with the sunrays