Rouleur Issue 1 Auction

The guys over at the excellent Rouleur journal found a handful of their hallowed out-of-press Issue one somewhere deep within their vaults. This much sought after edition commands lucrative figures on auction sites for the discerning collector. Rouleur are auctioning off the last 5 remaining copies of this amazing magazine in aid of the John Ibbotson Fund, helping to raise funds in the memory of John Ibbotson to help fund aspiring young talent to race in Europe. A wonderful and worthwhile cause I’m sure readers will agree, simply send a bid to , and the five highest bidders will receive notification and payment instructions once the auction ends on 21st March 2011. So get bidding – support young racers and acquire a small yet neatly formed piece of cycling history. Good Luck!


The first issue of Rouleur, published in May of 2006, includes 68 pages with features on the much-debated issue of Campagnolo or Shimano, the fixed-gear bicycle and the Dauphine Liberee, and an interview with legendary rouleur, Magnus Backstedt. The photographs in this issue were taken by Gerard Brown and Ben Ingham.
Full list of contents:

Redoubtable Rouleurs by Rouleur contributors
Pride & Prejudice by Rouleur contributors
Le Tourmalet by Graeme Fife
Dauphine by Gerard Brown
Kraftwerk by Jack Thurston
Obsession by Ben Ingham
Fixed Idea by Matt Seaton
Magnus by Guy Andrews
The cover photograph was taken by Ben Ingham.
Rouleur 1 is out of print. Guide Price circa £150.

James Straffon – ‘Art of Cycling’

Founder of the excellent online space ‘No Endevour’, James Straffon will hold his first solo exhibition, aptly entitled ‘Art of Cycling’ from the first day of November at the Frameless Gallery in Clerkenwell, London. James lists design clients as prestigious as The Royal Opera House, Tate Modern, EMI, and The Royal Academy of Arts, but it is his recent collaborative endevours into cycling -themed art with Paul Smith and Condor Cycles that have really captured the two-wheeled audience. Frameless details his exhibtion as >
Focussing on the visually-rich narrative of cycling heritage, Straffon explores this theme via paint and collage on canvas, often incorporating carefully selected items of rare and unusual cycling ephemera; employing a ‘pop art approach to capturing the multi-faceted legacy of the bike’. 

The exhibition will run from 1-7th November.

James Straffon – The Art of Cycling
1 – 7 November 2010
Frameless gallery
20 Clerkenwell Green, Islington, London, EC1R 0DP

투르 드 프랑스!

A very good friend bought me a crazy Tour de France review magazine back from his F1 travels to the far east. Its got some cracking bike pics in, but most hilariously there is a manga-style cut out game, snakes and ladders style, featuring some very funny cartoons….

Cover shot 
Andy v Alberto
Cadel loses the yellow jersey
Cadel & Lance have a cry

LTD Ed Cycling Prints

I was forwarded this link from mr campbells snoop, and I have to say i LOVE these! Limited to a print run of 50 in each design, these prints feature famous (and infamous) quotes from the world of two wheels and its protagonists. Each print is numbers and hand signed by the artists Marc Evans, and are available in either A3 or A2 size, for a price of £18 and £27 respectively. They can be purchased online from The Foot Down shop