Jersey Style

So, Alberto is back with fire in is belly in the Vuelta. Loved his 7 or so attacks on the Arrate, whilst he perhaps struggled to maintain the veracity of each dig, its clear the is a man on a mission, and it made for a very exciting finale indeed. Anyway! can anyone reveal the interesting scallops on the bottom of his jersey? I know the kit is manufactured by Sportful but I was unable to find any info on this pattern… and wondered what it might be in aid of. If you can shed any light, feel free to comment!

6 thoughts on “Jersey Style

  1. Is it possible he is wearing one of the new style "skin suit" kits? Where the jersey is attached at the back but not the front? So the scoops are where the jersey is sewn to the Knicks at the front? Like the Castelli ones?

  2. Good spot! I looked at some of the pictures on the net of Contador and notice that in some pictures he has these 'scallops' at the hem of his jersey and in others he doesn't. Is he changing jersey mid-stage?

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