Custom Garmin Mounts

Noticed a couple of custom Garmin computer mounts floating around the web, offering a PRO way to display your Garmin (and actually bringing it a little more in line with a natural viewing angle). First up is the offering from American based high-end boutique Above Category. Offering a pre order to be available shortly, these babies are priced at $40… would be awesome to see a euro-importer for those of us not wishing to be screwed by HMRC charges!

Next up is an offering supposedly from Quarq, the outfit known for their power meter cranks. I cant seem to find any info on weights or price for this unit, other than a small press release here, but looks to be a very well executed design…


2 thoughts on “Custom Garmin Mounts

  1. I want to get one of these because I love gadgets but I am wondering what's the point? I have my Edge 500 currently mounted on my stem, using the stock Garmin mount. Is this an "awkward" place to put it? I supposed if I saw a demonstration in real life where it was mounted further out, I would realize how ineffective my current position is. I don't really recall riding and thinking "Man, I am having a hard time seeing this computer on my stem"

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