Apple Of My Eye

Condor just keep coming up with the goods! Spotted this little number in the basement of Grays Inn rd, and i haven’t stopped thinking about the lovely little carbon-tailed  beaut, the Italia RC. Thinking of a crap weather trainer/super commuter build now that the ratty colnago is lying in bits abandoned in the corner of my room. A simple cost friendly economy 105 5700 build with some handmade open pro’s. Food for thought!


2 thoughts on “Apple Of My Eye

  1. That does look nice, though I think I'll still be saving for the Super Acciao. If you do decide you want some Open Pro's, drop me a line. I can build a pair to whatever spec you want for a very, very reasonable price. Mainly building track wheels at the mo, but the Open Pro's I built for my road bike (on Veloce hubs) sailed through last year's Tour of Flanders sportive like a dream. And I've been running a pair of my 36 hole Open Pro's on my Tempo for London commuting for the past couple of years. All the best Ian

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