Parlee Aero Prototype


7 thoughts on “Parlee Aero Prototype

  1. Just need to tighten up the geometry a little around the seat post; reduce the rear wheel base; fix up the seat post clamp; and take the photo with the chain in 53/11 … and you've got me sold. :))

  2. I don't know. I think building a slick, lightweight bike – anyone can do. Conferring it with style and class is something few can do. And here I feel Parlee have merely managed the former, and not the latter.

  3. I'd be surprised if the area behind the head tube met the 3:1 UCI legal rule.Whats with the noodle sized chain stays? ……….however any bike looks good in all matte black.

  4. Just a plain odd looking bike in most areas and probably awful to ride all day. Fierce seat angle. Aero bikes can only be viewed front – side view is meaningless. I like the wheels.Thanks for the post.

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