Condor Acciaio – Gran Corsa Special Edition

What a triumph, probably the loveliest paintjob on a bike iv seen in donkeys. Condor produced a super small limited run of these special steel Acciaio’s for the Gran Corsa challenge. They currently have a couple on display in their shop for us mere mortals to admire. I particularly love the brazed Italian dot on the top tube and the incorporation of their ‘wave’ fork, not to mention them trying something different with an etched headtube design. Bravo ladies & gents of Grays Inn Road, you have pushed the boat out yet again and produced a stunning frame….. Without a doubt my bike of the year.


7 thoughts on “Condor Acciaio – Gran Corsa Special Edition

  1. alex – was that before or after puncturing, had a nice 45 min walk home to castelnau thanks to being a twit and forgetting the minipump….ps not quite h-t-toe, i had santini legwarmers on (the best) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. it really is isnt it? i think its the contrast of the paint job, and the painted fork. It just looks sick. My ideal build would be to get one with campy super record 11, some light carbon 42m carbon wheels and finish with conti rubber. #Swoon

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