Smithfield Nocturne 2011

So I guess by now everyone knows about Alex Dowsett lapp[ing the field in epic full on attack-from-the-gun mode yeah? Well due to being buisy this week I guess I kind of missed the boat on that one πŸ™‚ Once again Smithfields was swarmed by all manner of London based racefans – be they there for the folding bike race, the penny farthing sprint or the host of crits running that day. The place buzzed with excitement and people of all ages hammed it up on the street during a great sunny afternoon, perfect to watch the wheeled go by. Anyway, enjoy some pictures from this years annual instalment of all things twiglight racing (and please ignore the fact I escorted my drunken homeboy home before any actual nightime racing took place!)

vintage penny farthings killing it on a twisty course
Rapha served up many a fine espresso from their mobile cycle club
Those fine looking bikes you may have seen πŸ˜‰
Fastman Steve smashing the folding bike race
allsorts enjoyed the day!
biggup Dirk!
the men’s support race went off ridiculously fast from the gun
Dynamo Stu works the painface
ViCiOUS Velo – in B&W because colour is too VICIOUS!
James hitting up another ‘fursty
Rouleur cowbell – officially best product of the nocturne!
diggin in during the men’s race
Condor’s Ben looking fast
Young Tao rode a ridiculously strong race. One uber-talented kid
The ladies race was also a toughy
The dynamettes in action
Hannah Barnes & Helen Wyman were a class apart
Hangin out with Sir Brian of Palmer (blog royalty)

Unofficial highlight was a girl appearing next to me and James commenting on the racing – she was in her pyjamas and had popped out for milk, but totes watched on! Amazing…. anyway, hope to see you all there in 2012! (or did I hear they were flattening the area for some trainline? hmm hopefully just a rubbish rumour)

6 thoughts on “Smithfield Nocturne 2011

  1. ha! That's me in the Dirk Hofman tee; I recognised twmp stood beside you when you grabbed that pic. Funny to see it pop up in my RSS πŸ˜€

  2. Slick pics Gem! Awesome! Pain face is Roy 'Tinny' McGreggor who's entire objective was to put the hurt on everyone, did well! Me chewing the stem was our attempt to get away early with numbers controlling, we needed another rider, Tao possibly!

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