RCC Rides Yorkshire (The Greatest County EVER)

I recently went to take part in the RCC ‘Deano’s Yorkshire Dales’ ride. A tough 80 miles or so (I rode in the broomwagon for about ten, so was shy of the 140k distance – Im ashamed admit that day was certainly not my finest hour form-wise!).
The route was a challenging razz around some very fine northern villages – we were treated to undulating and incredibly windy descents. Such was the headwind that it took club strong-man Steve to shepherd a few of us back together – thanks for such a strong draft!

A particularly scenic part of the world
Riders were briefed on the route, and awarded a patch kit commemorating participation on the ride. It was a great chance for members to mingle, and we met many of our northern contingent.
Maximum credit to Andy (C) for providing such a brutal but beautiful route
A quick stop by the broom wagon allows for a regrouping
We were joined by one of my hero’s Mr Dean Downing. Imagine my delight when I discovered he went to my high school and we shared a few jokes about some insane teachers we had! Was a great experience to see how easy a ride like this is to a pro, he shared some tips and some banter with the group and helped make it quite a special day. Its not every ride you get to draft one of your fave pro behinds 😉
Dean flashes a smile. Probably after smashing a hill! © 2011 Janet Pearch

Condors Conrad turned up and promptly smashed the ride – hes riding like an absolute trooper this season, and was tres cool to see him taking off the front as soon as the tarmac went skywards…
Conrad looks back as the fuzz try to bust the ride. Single file people! (quiet day?)
A very nice formation of club riders 
Martin chooses a novel drying solution at the cafe stop

A chance to rest my tired feet and scoff a caramel slice

A cracking bit of sun – good soulfood


Up-front and loving the route  © 2011 Janet Pearch
Fleet Moss, horrific is an understatement © 2011 Janet Pearch
Thank you to Charlie and Janet for facilitating a brilliant ride – fully supported is something I could happily get used to! Also massive kudos to Andy although really you deserve a slap for devising such a hard route 🙂

Condor Cycles Chase The Lincoln GP

If you’re not familiar with the work of Andy Waterman then I thoroughly suggest you acquaint yourself with someone I consider to be one of the biggest rising stars in photography and now film-making. Andy’s work has always impressed me, knitting together an exciting fresh perspective and aesthetic with a passion for all things bicycle, his projects put out over the past year or two are truly wicked. From gorgeous shots he produced for Condor Cycles new catalogue, to medium format cyclocross shots, to a delish early season belgian race-fest featured in Cycle Sport magazine, or more recently his race-chasing series video work with Condor, Andy is always one to watch. Peep the latest video below in the Race Chasing series following RCS around the UK…