Shimano Ultegra Electronic?

Can anyone confirm, provide info?


10 thoughts on “Shimano Ultegra Electronic?

  1. was launched to the press a couple of months ago, but Shimano are super tight when it comes to embargoes. Dunno when it's going to be launched officially. Surprised it took this long to hit the web though.

  2. I think its called Di2 Lite and is a group you can only seem to get on complete bikes from trek or the like. its di2 shifters and derailleurs with ultegra cranks and brakes. i found it on trek's custom website

  3. You won't get anyone from Shimano to confirm just yet – but Ultegra Di2 is a-coming, and soon. Battery pack spoils the lines of any bike. Cav's is now in his seat-post. Hopefully aesthetics will be considered by Shimano by the time the second generation of Di's reaches the market.

  4. A post on Weight Weenies says the official name is Ultegra Di2. An announcement from Shimano will come in June with the launch being in September……

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